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 We design and manufacture LED based domestic and industrial lighting products for the South African, and now International markets. Should any of our products not suit your needs, we offer a custom design service.

We have now expanded our operations to include the New Zealand and United Kingdom Markets. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our feedback area for our standard or custom products, or contact our distributors overseas directly for any other enquiries..
www.revelationdesigns.co.nz or www.revelationdesigns.co uk


     The power distribution systems of South Africa, and indeed the rest of Africa, have not been updated or maintained properly for the last 10 years, and the explosion of town house complexes has resulted in unprecedented demand on an already overloaded system. The unexpected nature of these occurrences often takes consumers by surprise, and happens at the most inopportune moments. Gas appliances have helped as backup solutions as far as cooking and heating are concerned, but lighting has been supplemented by torches and candles that have to be located when a failure occurs. Currently available standby lighting solutions do not really address the problem as they are expensive or only supply light for a small period after a blackout.
Sudden loss of power during the night can cause immense problems for industries that have to work at these times, so much so, that it is a legal requirement that automatically activated lights are required near all machinery.
    There is another sector of the community that is often neglected, that of the rural dweller. The effect of a reliable light source to this section of the community cannot be overemphasized. There are potential Einstein’s and Bill Gates in the rural communities that never achieve their potential due to lack of education. The availability of a reliable light source could enable these individuals to first learn how to read and write, and then progress to much greater levels of education. There is massive discontent in these areas due to lack of service provision and one of the major issues is electricity. This is a situation waiting to boil over and demonstrations are already occurring due to this. Illegal electricity connections that cost lives on an almost daily basis are common, and it is, unfortunately, the children that are most commonly killed.

The objective of this business venture is to produce several products that supply good quantities of automatically activated or permanent light to domestic and rural consumers. In the medium term this will be expanded to the rest of Africa such as Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Botswana etc. and eventually overseas.
The object of Revelation Designs is to make these products affordable, technically excellent and, above all, available to all that require them.
We began research and development on a basic Downlighter, both as a replacement and as a solar panel compatible version, over 3 years ago. This has evolved, after many prototypes and revisions, into two lines of products that we currently offer. We had to differentiate between solar based systems that had not been developed at that time, and 240V AC systems that existed, but need a fresh approach to reducing the amount of power needed to produce an acceptable light level.
Our approach to the solar panel based systems was to produce a range of LED based lights, a solar panel regulator and a solar panel tracking unit that would maximize the efficiency of the overall system to achieve maximum availability to the end user. Our aim was to keep the product as cheap as possible, yet keep reliability, quality and availability paramount.
The 240V AC systems were already being flooded by a massive supply of CFL based lights, funded by government backing and made in China. We persisted however and have released a range of LED based lights that can cut the power consumption by 2/3 and offer a five fold life expectancy, with no heat generation and no toxic effect on the environment. At the moment our lights are relatively expensive, but our volumes are very small. Larger volumes will reduce cost dramatically.
The mass production of these products will require some initial investment to set up a production plant, but this can be offset against the employment potential that such a factory could generate.
The development of future products must also be considered. There is the potential to be able to train new design engineers in both the mechanical, electrical and electronic fields, something we would like to encourage. That rural dweller that cannot see at night, to be able to learn, could be one of those engineers.

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